Many Hands

ManyHands London - June 2023

🗓️ 7th June 2023 📍 Uncommon, Liverpool Street

We’re still blown away by quite how much fun and creativity happens when you get smart product people in a room and set them to work on something miles away from the day job.

Everyone got on like old friends, and the ideas and beers flowed. 🍻

We were joined by product pros from...

ChipNatwest Rooster MoneyPerkboxTideCountingupSeedLegalsYouGovTembo MoneyXO LifeVizlibCrossTechAbundance InvestmentCytoraSO Energy

We learned loads from our awesome speakers

Jane kicked off the night with a talk about how to create an insights-led culture, and the importance of user-centricity throughout your organisation (not just in UX and product teams).

Russ followed up with an interactive presentation on how to manipulate creativity, which involved handing out some strange nicknacks from charity shops and putting people on the spot to come up with best uses for them.

We collaborated on a fun product challenge

Virtual Assistant for Kids

With our creative brains all warmed up, we grabbed some pizza, got into groups, and started brainstorming. An hour later, we pitched our ideas back to the wider group:

🗣 Using the tool to overcome the constant battle that is parenting by getting it to motivate children to complete boring daily tasks.

📺 Gamification features like rewards for good behaviour - if you eat your veggies, you can win telly time!

❤️ A product that isn’t screen-based, but is the child’s own slice of tech that they can be proud of - and throw around.

🌱 Providing psychological safety and comfort through the product. A virtual assistant that speaks their language, and grows with them.

I loved meeting new people from different industries and seeing how complete strangers work in different ways to solve problems and create products.

Iva K. Senior Product Designer

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